NY State Tests

English Language Arts


Testing Dates

Wednesday, April 10

Thursday, April 11


Make-up ELA Dates:

Friday, April 12 & Monday, April 15



Testing Dates

Tuesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 8


Math Make-up Dates:

Thursday, May 9 & Friday, May 10


      Shifts in the Common Core Standards:  What are we expecting our students to do?Chart explaining curriculum shifts in the Common Core Standards 

Math Support At Home

  • Ensure that they are working on their homework, ask questions about their homework (Can you explain that?  How do you know that?).  This helps them to understand the why as well as the what around the answer.
  • Make sure they are practicing their fluencies (the ‘think fast and solve problem’ shift)
  • Engage your student is ‘real life’ math.  (shopping, cooking, solving a mystery).  This helps to take math out of isolation and provide connections.
  • Help your student stay strong.  When you see them struggle, encourage a break and then return with different ‘eyes’. 

How can you help your child succeed?

  • Help your child build stamina (reading and math facts)
  • Be an active participant in the homework process
  • Be in touch with your child’s teacher if you have any concerns


  • Good night sleep
  • If your child is ill, keep them home.  It would be better for them to take the test on the make-up day versus taking the test while sick.
  • Healthy breakfast
  • Be sure that your child has his/her glasses or any other testing aids
  • BE ON TIME FOR SCHOOL  EVERYDAY! After 8:30 am, students are considered late