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Free Homework Help

Free Homework Help

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Kensington Library (18th Avenue, near E. 2nd Street)

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NY State Tests


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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Really there’s only one question you need to ask your child’s teacher.

How can I best help YOU help MY child?

A teacher who understands that as a parent you are there to help, collaborate and respond will be more likely to help YOU when it comes to your child’s education. Go to your parent-teacher conferences with a game plan, but above all, remember this is a team sport. You and your student are definitely the players, and the teacher is the coach. Listen actively, and let him or her guide you. In the end, your willingness to be a team player will go a long way to fostering a great learning experience for everyone involved!

8 Questions to Ask:

1. What would you say are my child’s strengths & learning opportunities?

2. How is my child’s behavior and what does it tell you about my child’s learning style?

3. How should I track my child’s performance? Are there examples of my child’s work?

4. Do you have suggestions for things we can do at home to better support my child’s learning?

5. Are my child’s assignments completed on time and at an appropriate performance level?

6. What types of books and educational games do you recommend for my learner? Is there a list of suggested readings?

7. How is my child getting along socially with other children?

8. What am I not asking or noticing that I should be? Above all, the parent-teacher conference is the start (or continuation) of a conversation.

Use this time to surface strengths, concerns and issues, and schedule followup meetings as needed to work on detailed actions.

Game ON! Read more: 8 Important Questions to Ask at Parent-Teacher Conference - Online SignUp Blog by