Gifted and Talented Program

PS 230 G & T Virtual Open House

Gifted & Talented Open House

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  Gifted &  Talented Informational Presentation

PS 230's Gifted and Talented Program

     Gifted & Talented (G&T) programs are one way that the NYC Department of Education supports the needs of exceptional students.

     Gifted & Talented programs aim to deliver accelerated, rigorous, and specialized instruction aligned to Common Core Learning Standards.


PS 230 G&T Vision

     PS 230's G&T program is a nurturing and secure academic environment that supports the unique characteristics of our students.

     We foster independence, empathy, and creativity by providing students with a variety of materials, experiences and challenges.

     In order to encourage individual interests, we provide opportunities for students to practice and demonstrate hard work and exhibit the effort of working towards goals.

     Our G&T students will leave our program with knowledge of themselves which will help them become informed and engaged citizens that understand the role they hold in the greater community.

Comparing Student Work

     Many parents wonder how curriculum and expectations change in G&T classes. 

     Students in G&T classrooms are expected to master the same curriculum objectives as their General Education peers.  As in all PS 230 classrooms, expectations and instructions are differentiated to allow each student to progress academically with attention given to individual strengths and areas in need of improvement.

     Below, you will find samples of work from 1st graders completing the same assignment in a General Education classroom and a G&T classroom.  Note the similarities in curriculum standards for non-fiction writing.  Note also the differences in scaffolding (i.e. the templates that the students are provided), vocabulary and volume of work.

1st Grade Work Sample

1st Grade G&T Work Sample