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PS 230 3rd Grade Team 

Left to Right - Ms. Brooks, Ms. Brierton, Ms. Lamonte,  Ms. Bakalac, Ms. CangroMs. Conroy, Ms. DalonzoMs. Imbriano, Mrs. Laudiero

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Help at Home

Helpful Tips for Parents:


  • Encourage your child to reread his/her writing.


  • Ask your child if they checked for capitalization at the beginning of their sentences and ended in punctuation.


     In March, third grade artists will practice making an animal from modeling clay that can stand up using coils and balls.  Their final assignment will be remaking the animal out of air-dry clay and painting it.


     Third graders will continue to work on B flat and F sharp (these are more difficult notes). They will learn more songs with the eighth-note rhythm. They will be introduced to a new note: E. They will also be introduced to the sixteenth note rhythm.


     Kickball Unit- Beginning the basic skills of kickball utilizing the gross motor skill of running and agility during running the bases.

Important Dates

March 2019



SIP Into Spring Gala


4/2 & 4/3

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