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    PS 230
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    PS 230

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Our Teachers

PS 230 3rd Grade Team

Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Horowitz, Ms. Kim, Ms. Sparks, Ms. Bakalac

Middle Row (L to R) - Mrs. Ferdous, Ms. Morales, Ms. Vitolo, Ms. Dalonzo, Ms. Imbriano, Ms. Caputo, Ms. Birchfield, Ms. Sauco, Ms. Qureshi, Ms. Chowdhury

Back Row (L to R) - Ms. Cangro, Ms. BriertonMs. Almontaser, Ms. Saleha

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                                                  3-301  Ms. Imbriano,  Room 307

                                                  3-302  Ms. Kim,  Room 302

                                                  3-303  Ms. Sparks,  Room 419

                                                  3-304  Ms. Vitolo and Ms. Dalonzo,  Room 301

                                                  3-305  Ms. Bakalac and Ms. Sauco,  Room 305

                                                  3-306  Ms. Cangro and Ms. Brierton,  Room 303

                                                  3-307  Ms. Horowitz, Room 417

                                            3/4 - 111  Ms. Caputo, Room 201


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Social Studies:

      In Social Studies, we will continue our study on countries around the world. Students will be exploring different countries around the world such as China and Mexico. We will  discuss different types of culture, foods, resources, and how the land affects a country’s culture. 


     The NYSESLAT test is now over.  Every English Language Learner put forth tremendous effort and we couldn’t be more proud of their hard work!


Math Workshop:

     In math, we will be solving multi-step word problems involving multiplication and division. We will be identifying a variety of strategies.  Students will use the relationship between multiplication and division to solve division problems.  Students will combine hundreds to make numbers above 1,000.  They will estimate problems with sums greater than 1,000.  Students will use story contexts and representations to support explanations.  Students will also write a story problem to represent an equation.


     Third graders will be starting a new unit of study called, Structures of Life. Students will investigate structures of organisms and learn how some of the structures function in growth and survival. Students will observe various organisms and explain how animals adapt to their environment. Throughout the unit, your child will develop an attitude of respect for living things and use the scientific thinking process to conduct investigations.


     During the month of June, 3rd grade students will reflect on what they learned about software applications this year. Students have learned how to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint as well as search for images using kid friendly search engines, such as

     Students will also continue to develop their typing skills using Keyboarding Without Tears.  These accounts will remain active during the summer.  Encourage your child to practice for 10 minutes a day!



     Students will be introduced to the architectural details of the buildings in our neighborhood. We will walk over to Green-Wood for an architectural element scavenger hunt and create a collage of 5 details they have learned.



     The students have been working on their skills in Volleyball and will be having a tournament soon!

Upcoming Dates and Important Events

June 2017

June 8th - Chancellor's Day - No School for Students

June 12th - Clerical Day - No School for Students

June 26th - Eid - School Closed

June 28th - Last Day of School