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    PS 230
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    PS 230

Photo Gallery

Our Teachers

PS 230 3rd Grade Team

Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Horowitz, Ms. Kim, Ms. Sparks, Ms. Bakalac

Middle Row (L to R) - Mrs. Ferdous, Ms. Morales, Ms. Vitolo, Ms. Dalonzo, Ms. Imbriano, Ms. Caputo, Ms. Birchfield, Ms. Sauco, Ms. Qureshi, Ms. Chowdhury

Back Row (L to R) - Ms. Cangro, Ms. BriertonMs. Almontaser, Ms. Saleha

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                                                  3-301  Ms. Imbriano,  Room 307

                                                  3-302  Ms. Kim,  Room 302

                                                  3-303  Ms. Sparks,  Room 419

                                                  3-304  Ms. Vitolo and Ms. Dalonzo,  Room 301

                                                  3-305  Ms. Bakalac and Ms. Sauco,  Room 305

                                                  3-306  Ms. Cangro and Ms. Brierton,  Room 303

                                                  3-307  Ms. Horowitz, Room 417

                                            3/4 - 111  Ms. Caputo,  Room 205


Social Studies:

In Social Studies, we will continue our study on countries around the world. Students will be exploring different countries around the world such as China and Mexico. We will  discuss different types of culture, foods, resources, and how land affects a country’s culture. 



     NYSESLAT season is approaching. The speaking portion of the test will begin after Spring break. The Reading/Listening/Writing portion will be given between May 2nd – 19th.

     Mrs. Birchfield continues to teach whole class grammar lessons in the classrooms she pushes into.



Math Workshop:

    In math, we will continue our unit on Perimeter, Area & Polygons.  Students will understand and find the perimeter and area of shapes and they will describe and classify 2-D figures. They will identify attributes of different shapes, such as triangles, squares, rectangles, rhombuses etc.


     In Science, we are continuing our investigation into sound. Students will explore their ability to discriminate sounds. They will listen to sounds made by objects dropped into a drop chamber and attempt to identify each object from its sounds. Students will also develop a code by assigning letters of the alphabet to a selection of objects. Using this sound code, the students will send messages to one another by dropping a series of objects into the drop chamber.

     Third graders will also explore the production of sound and observe the vibrations made by various objects that produce sound. Students will be able to identify sound sources and sound receivers. They will explore the frequency of vibrations made by various sound sources and produce different pitches, i.e. high, low, and medium pitched sounds.  Students will be able to compare the pitch of a sound to the physical properties of the sound source.

     Listen to the sounds around the city.  Ask your child how they would identify that sound? Have them describe how they feel when they hear these sounds. List sounds that make them feel good, and sounds that make them feel scared. Challenge them to write a happy or scary story using as many sound words as possible.


    During the month of March, 3rd graders will conclude their "Where We Live" PowerPoint presentations. 3rd graders will learn how to use Microsoft Word, another application program. Using this program, students will begin to apply their typing skills while publishing a writing piece they created during their Literary Essay writing unit.



     What are the properties of clay?
     Students will create a person that can stand up. First by using modeling clay then re-making the piece in clay that will harden, to be painted later.



     In Gym, 3rd graders will start to play basketball, learning the rules of the game and the skills needed.



Upcoming Dates and Important Events

March 2017

3/11 - Sip into Spring Gala

3/24 - Winter Dance

ELA State Tests -  March 28, 29 & 30