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Middle School Choice


If you are in 5th grade, it's time to start thinking about middle school!

It can seem a bit overwhelming - but the best place to begin is at the beginning. 


Step 1.  Explore the different schools in the area. 

Step 2.  Visit the websites of the schools you are interested in visiting for information about tours and open houses.

Step 3.  Visit the schools!  Take a tour!  Take your parents!  Take your children! 

Step 4.  Make a list of the schools you would like to attend.



Middle School Choice - Organizer

Please feel free to download this spreadsheet to help you organize your middle school search!


 Middle School Choice - Organizer

Important Dates

April 2017

April 1 - deadline for applications to NYC Charter Schools

Placement letters for NYC Public Schools will be delivered to the school in April.  As soon as the letters arrive, we will distribute them to the students to bring home.