Middle School Choice

Middle School Choice


What's Your Choice?


If you are in 5th grade, it's time to start thinking about middle school!

It can seem a bit overwhelming - but the best place to begin is at the beginning. 


Step 1.  Explore the different schools in the area. 

Step 2.  Visit the websites of the schools you are interested in visiting for information about virtual tours and open houses.

Step 3.  Visit the schools!  Take a Virtual Tour!  Invite your parents!  Invite your children! 

Step 4.  Make a list of the schools you would like to attend.

Middle School Directory

Explore your choices with

The Middle School Directory

Keep Calm and Do Your Research


  Tour Dates


  Registration and links to virtual tours


IS 223 The Montauk

November 16

5- 7 pm

MS 136 Charles O Dewey

Oct 7 - Dec 16

(Every Other Friday)



MS 51 November 14 & 15 5-8 pm   In-Person https://sites.google.com/k051.org/home  
MS 839   Virtual Online tour here  
MS 676 Harbor School  October 20 In-person https://ps676bk.org/  

MS 676 Harbor School

November 8  Virtual https://ps676bk.org/  

MS 676 Harbor School

November 17th In-Person https://ps676bk.org/  

 MS 88

The Park Slope Education Complex

Wednesday Tours

10/19, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9. 11/16




MS 442

School for Innovation

Open house #1: November 8

Open House #2: November 21


Virtual open house available on website


MS 443 New Voices  


Parents can access tours from our website



MS 447

The Math and Science Exploratory School

Oct 25 (Virtual)

Nov 21 (In-Person)




MS 497

The Boerum Hill School of International Studies

October 12


Click here to register for Middle School Open House


MS 497

The Boerum Hill School of International Studies

November 2

6:00- 7:00 PM

In-Person Check-in in the auditorium