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 Quote of the Month: 

"Energy and persistence conquer all things."

- Benjamin Franklin


Habits of Mind


Criteria for March's Student of the Month

  • Is determined and persistent
  • demonstrates ability to be resourceful
  • demonstrates being a good partner (listens, takes turns, is patient and supportive)


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Social Studies

In social studies…

     In Social Studies, our fifth graders will continue to study the Westward Expansion of the United States, which aligns with our current writing and reading units.

     Social Studies time will be used to ensure students have the necessary background knowledge to be successful in the other curricular areas. 

     Additionally, as always, Social Studies is a subject that allows our students to engage with history and timeless questions which help inform their world views and understanding of the future.

     To that end, they will be exploring why people migrated west during the 1800’s and the impact that cultural collision had on all the people involved. They will ponder big questions such as: who has the right to claim land?  How does technology impact development?  What gets lost or left behind in the name of progress?

In art…

     In the art room, some students will be learning about architecture.  They are learning how buildings are created (was the elevator invented yet?  what materials were available to them?).  Understanding the dynamics of a castle, they will create one from a cardboard box.

     The other half of fifth grade will be doing weaving with yarn, ribbon, felt etc.  We will then switch at the end of this unit.

In health...

    Emotional Health Unit:  Students are discussing and role playing good practices when dealing with self esteem, relationships, feelings, and challenges in their emotional development and growth.

In gym…

    Basketball Unit:  We will work on our dribbling, passing & shooting skills that will help improve our gross motor, coordination and balance technique.

Important Dates

March 2018


★ 3/15 - 3/16 

Parent Teacher Conferences

★ 3/17 

St. Patrick’s Day

★ 3/30 - 4/6

Spring Break

★ 3/2 & 3/16

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     502: Student Quote

     During a math fraction investigation about a trail in the Adirondack mountains:

     “First . . . you need to divide the map into the amount of the denominator.  To find the kilometers they camped at, you need to label each fraction.  You divide 48 by the denominator.  Then, you multiply the numerator by the quotient.  You need to multiply because the product you get is the amount of the kilometers they camped at.”

- Naznin and Saad