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Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Lasky, Ms. Grant, Ms. DiScipio, Ms. Kelley, Ms. Madison, Ms. Conroy

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The Importance of Summer Reading

     With the end of the school year fast approaching, we want to remind families how important summer reading is for your children.
     Research consistently shows that daily reading helps build reading stamina, comprehension, and vocabulary. While this break from academics is important for all members of the education community, especially students, it’s important to keep up with daily reading with your children.
     The best part about summer reading is that your children can always choose their books. Cultivating a reading life involves your child having opinions, likes, and dislikes about types of reading. Whether it’s a graphic novel or a non-fiction textbook about Egyptian mummies, we, the fifth grade teachers at PS 230, highly recommend that your child does daily reading of choice throughout the summer. The best way to encourage daily reading is by modeling this yourself by reading your own book or sharing a book with your child. All of your children love to be read to in the classroom, we promise! You can also make it fun by adding different voices or characters as you read along, and if the book is challenging for your youngster, you can also take turns on different pages or chapters.
     We are so proud of all of their hard work and wish them the best in middle school and beyond! And the best way to start middle school is with strong reading skills and enjoyment for the reading practice.


Summer Enrichment!


     Summer is a great time to try different free and low cost enrichment programs across New York City.  It is also a great time to visit museums and cultural institutions so that your child can see and experience many of the topics they have learned about in school.

     Free and low cost programs:

Metropolitan Museum of Art – offers free art classes on Saturdays even through the summer for children ages 11 and up. You just need to register in advance. Admission to the museum is optional as to what you choose to pay.

Brooklyn Museum offers suggested admission – this means you can decide what to pay. Children under 11 are free and older children $6 as the suggested admission. Remember YOU decide what to pay and can pay $1 if you wish! See art related to Westward Expansion, Civil War, Revolutionary war. Look at the pictures and ask: What are the people doing? What story is being told?

Carroll Street Park will be offering free physical activities starting July 1st at 10 am Tuesday to Saturday.

Barnes and Noble runs a free summer reading program, and check in at your local library because often they hold a supervised free book club for students during the summer.