5th Grade

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In reading…     

     This month we will be reading/exploring reading genres.  Students will identify the two major genres, fiction and nonfiction.  Then, we will dive deeper and study subgenres. Some examples are realistic fiction, historical fiction, biographies and historical texts.  Students will also write responses on the books read.

     By the end of the month all students will have their reading levels and resources to help them while reading those levels independently.

     Be sure to have active conversations with your child about their reading.  Ask them, “What are you reading?, “What is happening in the book?, “What genre is the book?” and “What is the sub-genre?”


In writing…

     Based on the books they read, the students will write a book review. In this unit the students will do the following: 

  1. Brainstorm ideas and choose a text to write about

  2. Making a plan (outline for book review)

  3. Draft step by step using our model and checklist

  4. Publish their work

     Most of the writing will be completed in class, but there may be times they will work on it at home.

     You can help your child by asking them about their writing.  Ask them, “What book did you choose to write a review?”, “What genre is the book? How do you know?”, and “Did you read over your writing for capitalization, punctuation and spelling?”

In Art…

     Fifth graders will be learning about American artist, Georgia O’Keefe while basing an artwork after her painting “Autumn Leaves, Lake George 1924”.   They will be exploring the principles of design: unity and variety, as they draw detailed fall leaves and arrange them into an image of falling leaves.


In technology will learn how to log into our chromebooks and use our G Suite accounts. We will also be learning how to create a slideshow using google slides.

In Health and Gym…

Students will review gross motor skill activities in fun exercise stations.


In Music…

Fifth graders will explore composition and vocal performance.   We will also be exploring song structure and different musical genres, from hip-hop to classical. 

Upcoming Dates

  • September 7  First Day of School

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