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PS 230 5th Grade Team

Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Lasky, Ms. Robb,  Ms. HeinrichMs. DiScipio, Ms. Madison, Ms. Pikman, Mr. Ramos, Mrs. Mancusi, Mr. Metzner


Left to Right - Ms. Kelley, Ms. Gursoy 

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5th Grade News - November 2019

5th Grade News - December 2019

In Music...

      We will be learning about the four basic rhythms: the quarter note, half note, dotted half note, and whole note.  We will also learn how to read notes.

     We will also learn about song forms: AABA, ABA, and songs with bridge sections.

In gym…

     Team Sports-Basketball Unit ... Working on teamwork, sportsmanship and communication and, of course, our gross motor basketball skills.

In Health…

     Nutrition unit - We will be finishing our Nutrition topics about smart & healthy choices while understanding our digestive system functions.

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Welcome Back to School!


PTA Read-a-Thon Begins


PTA Brooklyn Nets Game


Open School Night

This Month

Habit of Mind:  Resilience

Quote of the Month: 

"Do more than belong, participate.  Do more than care, help.  Do more than believe, practice.  Do more than be fair, be kind.  Do more than forgive, forget.  Do more than dream, work."


  • Make sure your child has sharpened pencils for school each day!


  • Middle School applications have been turned in.  Results should be available sometime in March!


  • Please return 5th Grade dues as soon as possible.


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