1st Grade

October 2022


October’s Themes:  Kindness and Speaking Up for What is Right

Book of the month:  We are Water Protectors, by Carole Lindstrom

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Social-Emotional Learning:  This month, 1st graders are learning how to set goals, be focused, and pay attention!  If you set a goal, work hard, and stay focused…you can do anything






“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted”

- Aesop

What are 1st Graders Learning this month?

• Reading

     1st graders are learning how to be word detectives! 

This means looking carefully at words, saying the sounds, and figuring out new words.


• Fundations

     1st graders are learning how to “tap out” words! 

This means saying all the sounds in a word. For example, “cat” à “c – a – t”


• Math

     1st graders are learning how to solve math story problems! 

They are working on writing an equation (example: 6+5 =?), solving the problem by drawing a picture and using a strategy, and writing a sentence answer.


• Writing

     1st graders are writing small moment stories! 

They are writing stories about one small time when they had a problem!  Oh no!


• Social Studies

     1st graders are continuing to learn about families and communities. 

What does it mean to part of a family and part of a community?

What are 1st graders learning in their specials?

Science with Mr. Feder:  The children are introduced to the concept of sound and perform experiments explaining its properties.

Science with Ms. Bakalac:  1st graders will continue learning about what scientists do and what tools they use.  We will begin our first unit of study: Structures and Behaviors in Living Things.  Students will learn how plants and animals use their external parts to help them survive, grow and meet their needs.  To support your child at home, read books about animals together, watch animal videos and discuss what parts of animals help them to survive.  Ex. a giraffe's long neck helps it to reach the leaves in a tree.

Social Studies with Ms. Caputo:  1st graders are learning why are families important, and how do they influence who we are?  Language, beliefs, customs, and traditions help shape the identity and culture of a family and a community.

Art with Ms. Brill:  1st grade artists will build on their prior knowledge of lines.  They will learn about new types of lines and even create their own "varied" lines.  They will apply their learning to create fall themed projects.

Gym with Ms. Woods: 1st graders are learning new routines and reviewing various fitness activities. Hula hooping, locomotor skills, Yoga, Basketball skills, and Step fitness are what we are practicing this month. Please remember learners need to be wearing sneakers for class and should bring a water bottle with them to Phys. Ed.

Music & Movement with Mrs. Fitzgerald: 1-303 are reviewing locomotor and non-locomotor skills.  We are also learning about country line dancing.  October 21st is the PS 230 Hoedown.  I hope to see you all there.

Music with Mr. Schorr:  1st graders are learning how to work as a musical team, using pleasing singing voices and showing a spirit of cooperation in learning songs and singing games.  We will be exploring simple rhythm patterns as well.

Art with Ms. Becker: 1st Grade students enjoyed singing and moving to Jack Hartman's Rainbow Song while learning the order of the rainbow colors, and how they are shaped like arches that blend together.  We discussed how a rainbow is formed and the difference between combining light colors that become invisible shining white versus paint which becomes brown.  The children drew a rainbow step by step and colored it in opaque, strong colors!  We are learning about artists who use recycled materials to create sculptures and are creating our own.  We also dabbled in collage while looking at famous illustrator's works.


  • Make sure your child is reading for 20 minutes every night!


  • Ms. Suzi’s Arts Residency begins on October 19th!


  • Wear sneakers for gym and music and movement!


Sight Word and Spelling Words


These are the words the students will practice in their homework.

They should be able to read and spell these words.


to, us, an, go, so
can, and, up, it, she
he, has, had, my, come
this, get, if, on, you
play, look, do, no, we

Try at Home

  • Have your child write a story about something that happens at home, the park, the store, or anywhere you go!


  • Help your child notice things that come in pairs (shoes, hands) and practice double facts (2+2 = 4, 6+6 = 12).


  • If your child is stuck on a tricky word when reading, encourage him or her to use a strategy (look at the picture, tap it out, look at the first letter and say a sound, etc.).

Important Dates

Wednesday, October 5

No School, Yom Kippur


Monday, October 10

 No School, Italian Heritage/Indigenous Peoples' Day


Friday, October 21

 PS 230’s Hoe Down!     


Monday, October 31 

Halloween Character Parade!