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     At PS 230, we offer our students a rich learning experience.  Every day our students receive instruction in reading, writing, math, social studies and science.  Our teachers use various curriculum resources to ensure that all students are able to achieve academic success.


     In keeping with our philosophy of real-world problem solving,

PS 230 uses TERC's Investigations in Number, Data and Space as the basis for our math curriculum.

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     Please visit Grade-Level Pages  for more information about math units of study each month.

Xtra Practice


XtraMath is available for

PS 230 students to use at home!


If you need help logging on, please contact Ms. Jill at

100 Questions to Promote Mathematical Discourse

Parents often ask questions about the new approach to math instruction in Common Core curriculum. 

Here is a sample of the questions that teachers are asking their students during math class!