October 2022

Book of the Month 

We are Water Protectors - by Carole Lindstrom 

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Theme of the Month 

The themes we are focusing on in October are Kindness and Speaking Up for What is Right! 


Social/Emotional Learning-Growth Mindset & Goal Setting 

This month, students will be focusing on learning how to develop a growth mindset and apply it to the task of paying attention. 

What are we learning this month?

Reading:  WE ARE READERS! 

     Kindergarten students are learning to be storybook readers!   Students will reread favorite storybooks by looking at pictures closely and making the words and the pictures match.   Students will practice how to read storybooks by themselves and with their reading partners. 

     Your child will come home with a book baggie this month.   Please make sure to read with your child every night.



    Students are learning to be storytellers!  Students will continue to tell their true stories to classmates as an audience.   We are also learning how to draw pictures which match with their oral stories. 



    Students will count and represent quantities.  Students will also compare the lengths of objects and the quantities of different sets.

    Ask your child, “How many?” questions to practice counting. 


Social Studies: 

    Kindergarten students are learning to follow classroom and school routines. 

    We are also working on team building activities. 

News from Around the School

From Ms. Fitzgerald (Music & Movement) 

On October 21st, our school community is having a Hoe Down.  I hope everyone can come out and enjoy the night.  Our students have been learning how to Square Dance.  I encourage you to ask them to teach you, too. 


From Ms. Brill (Art) 

Kindergarten students will be learning about different types of lines such as bumpy, zigzag, and spiral. They will learn about the directions lines can go (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) and how to vary the thickness and length of lines. 

From Ms. Becker (Art) 

Kindergarten students enjoyed singing and moving to Jack Hartman's Rainbow Song while learning the order of the rainbow colors, and how they are shaped like arches that blend together. The Children drew a rainbow step by step and colored it in opaque, strong colors! We are learning about artists who use recycled materials to create sculptures and are creating our own. We also dabbled in collage while looking at famous illustrator's works. 


From Mr. Feder (Science) 

The children review and experiment with the five(5) senses. They are introduced to the three (3) states of matter and begin exploring the properties of solids. 


From Ms. Woods (Gym) 

Kindergarten learners are learning the structure and routines of the class. They are being introduced to station work and various fitness activities. Please remember learners need to be wearing sneakers for class and should bring a water bottle with them to Phys. Ed. 


From Ms. Caputo (Social Studies) 

Students will answer the question What does it mean to be a member of a school community? We will learn about how children and adults have rights and responsibilities at home, at school, in the classroom, and in the community. We learn what it means to be unique. Our classroom community is a diverse community. 

The Cool Culture Pass

Cool Cultural Pass 

A Family's First Ticket to a Lifetime of Learning!

     We are so excited to offer Cool Culture passes to all families with children in PS 230's Kindergarten Classes!  You will have access to 90 of NYC’s best-loved museums, gardens, zoos and historic houses.  We can't wait to hear about all the fun things your child do when you use the Cool Culture Pass.

     For more information about the Cool Culture Pass, click visit Cool

     NEW THIS YEAR:  Register online for a Cool Culture Pass.   Final Deadline to Register: TBD

     For our School Registration Number,  please contact your Cool Cultural Liaison - Ms. Jill Reinier, Parent Coordinator at