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    Tour our Kindergarten classes on Wednesday, December 13 at 9:00 am, Friday January 5 at 9:00 am or Tuesday, January 9 at 5:30 pm.  Visit for more information.

    If you are interested in our PreK program, we have a PreK Open House on Thursday, January 25 at 9:00 am, with additional dates TBD.  Visit for more information.

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2017 - 2018

PS 230 Kindergarten Team


Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Walker, Ms. Qureshi, Ms. LaiMrs. Vicari, Mrs. Delgado, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Modafferi, Mrs. Palanca

Back Row (L to R) - Ms. Alvarado, Ms. Mazor, Ms. Gallahue, Ms. Huffman, Ms. Sulimanoff

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Kindergarten Archives

Kindergarten News - October 2017


Counting Quantities, Comparing Lengths: Counting and Measurement

     Students will learn how to develop strategies for accurately counting and keeping track of quantities up to 12, connecting number names, numerals and quantities, developing and analyzing visual images for quantities up to 10, making an equivalent set, establishing 1:1 correspondence between equal groups, and representing quantities with pictures, numbers, objects, and/or words.


Social Studies

Me and My Family

     Students will be able to talk about their families as well as their culture. The students will get the opportunity to share their heritage with their classmates by participating in a project: “Heritage Doll” which is a project in which the students get to dress up a doll that identifies with the students’ culture. They will then share their project with the other students in the class and talk about the different aspects of their culture.


A Note from . . .

     Mr. Feder, Science

In November, the children will use attribute pieces and compare properties of various solids.

   Mr. Hanratty, Art

Kindergarten will continue to learn about how artists use lines to give their art movement, detail, and variety.

   Ms. Fitzgerald, Music and Movement

Students will learn how music and movement can create a story.

 Ms. Woods, Physical Education

Students will continue to work on Tossing, Catching, and Throwing skills.   We will also begin working on Flexibility and Balance.  This unit will include Yoga, and Tumbling.  Please remember your child needs sneakers to fully participate in the activities. 

Try at Home

  • Ask your child, “What letter is this? What number is this?” by pointing to a letter or a number on storefront signs on the way to school and home.

  • Please practice the sight words that are taped on the front of your child’s reading baggy as this is also part of homework.

Important Dates

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November 2017


Dia De Los Muertos Festival


Election Day

(School Closed for students)


PTA Book Fair


PTA Meeting


Parent/Teacher Conferences

11/23 - 11/24

Thanksgiving Recess

(School Closed)