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Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Walker, Ms. Qureshi, Ms. LaiMrs. Vicari, Mrs. Delgado, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Modafferi, Mrs. Palanca

Back Row (L to R) - Ms. Alvarado, Ms. Mazor, Ms. Gallahue, Ms. Huffman, Ms. Sulimanoff

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     Students will be working on ten frames and teen numbers.  Learning to subtract with 5.

  • Have your child solve some word problems.  Count by 2's - "How many shoes are in the house?"


Social Studies

Students are learning about the butterfly cycle . . . and families.


A Note from . . .

     Mr. Feder, Science

     Students will discover the properties of air.

   Mr. Hanratty, Art

     Kindergarten artists will be learning about art that tells a story.  They will be making self-portraits that share information about the artist.

   Ms. Fitzgerald, Music and Movement

     In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, the students will be dancing the El Jarabe Tapatio.

 Ms. Woods, Physical Education

     Kindergarten students have been introduced to the sport of Volleyball.  Next we will be working on the sport of Tennis.

Try at Home



  • Ask your child, “What letter is this? What number is this?” by pointing to a letter or a number on storefront signs on the way to school and home.

  • Please practice the sight words that are taped on the front of your child’s reading baggy as this is also part of homework.

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