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Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Walker, Ms. Qureshi, Ms. LaiMrs. Vicari, Mrs. Delgado, Ms. Gonzalez, Ms. Modafferi, Mrs. Palanca

Back Row (L to R) - Ms. Alvarado, Ms. Mazor, Ms. Gallahue, Ms. Huffman, Ms. Sulimanoff

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Counting Quantities, Comparing Lengths: Counting and Measurement

     Students are working on solving problems and understanding how many there are now.

  • Have your child solve some math word problems. “How many people will be at the dinner table if Grandma joins us?


Social Studies

Students are learning . . .



A Note from . . .

     Mr. Feder, Science

     Students will learn how to measure the area and length of objects.

   Mr. Hanratty, Art

     Students will learn about a traditional art of India & Bangladesh called Alpana, which involves pattern making, symmetry and geometry.

   Ms. Fitzgerald, Music and Movement

     Students will learn Irish step dancing.

 Ms. Woods, Physical Education

     Students will continue to practice basketball skills. They will also practice soccer skills, such as dribbling, passing and scoring.

Try at Home



  • Ask your child, “What letter is this? What number is this?” by pointing to a letter or a number on storefront signs on the way to school and home.

  • Please practice the sight words that are taped on the front of your child’s reading baggy as this is also part of homework.

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