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PS 230 4th Grade Team


Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Chakraborty, Mrs. Laudiero, Mrs. Redmond, Ms. Litsakis, Ms. Morales

Back Row (L to R) - Mrs. Grant, Ms. Shed, Ms. Feit, Ms. KimMs. Lauro, Mr. Kelly, Ms. Birshtein  

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Quote of the Month:

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela


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In Art . . .

     During the month of May, fourth grade will be working on printmaking using foam and brayers.

In Gym . . .

     This unit we will be practicing volleyball.  We will work on our bumping, setting, pike/set skills in a fun competitive and social setting.


Questions to ask while reading . . .

➔ What are the big ideas in your reading?
➔ Can you identify the main idea in nonfiction reading?
➔ What are some themes you see in your fiction books?
     ◆ friendship
     ◆ family
     ◆ honesty & trust
     ◆ overcoming challenges & obstacles
➔ What connections can you make between your book and real life?
➔ Are there a similar book you have read with the same topics or themes?
➔ Can you support your opinions and ideas with evidence from the text?

Things to Keep in Mind and Practice at Home

❖ Read every night for at least 40 minutes.

❖ Read nonfiction books.

❖ Practice multiplication facts every night.

❖ Read out loud for 10 minutes.

❖ Do some exercise every day.

❖ Eat a healthy breakfast and dinner.

❖ Get lots of sleep.

❖ Do your homework.

Important Dates

May 2018

Tuesday, May 1 - Wednesday, May 2

★ NYS Math Exam

Wednesday, May 23 - Friday, June 1

★ NYS Science Performance Tests

Monday, May 28

★ School Closed

Memorial Day

Monday, June 4

★ NYS Science Written Test