Art, Music, Science and Gym

Cluster Teachers - Lower School

Smiling Teachers From Left to Right:  Ms. Crawford-Woods (Physical Education), Mr. Feder (Science), Ms. Brill (Art), Mr. Hanratty (Art), Ms. Fitzgerald (Music & Movement) 

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Cluster Teachers at PS 230

     PS 230's cluster teachers offer instruction in technology, science, art, music and gym for Kindergarten - 5th grade students. 

     Each school day, students are scheduled to attend one cluster class, outside of their regular classroom instruction.


Kindergarten - 1st Grade: 

Science, Art, Music & Movement, Gym

2nd Grade - 5th Grade: 

Technology, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Gym


     Please check with your children's teachers to find out what cluster classes they have each year.   Classes may visit a cluster teacher twice a week, depending on grade and classroom teacher.

     Learn the names of all your children's teachers!  and plan to visit them during Parent-Teacher conferences.

Cluster Teachers - Upper School

Smiling Teachers in the Gym Standing (Left to Right):  Mr. Carlesi (Gym), Ms. Lau (Art - retired), Ms. Caputo (Social Studies),  Ms. Vera (Science), Ms. Decker (Science), Mr Schorr (Music)

Seated: Ms. Connolly (Technology)

Not Pictured:  Mr. Dorata (Gym)

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