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PS 230 2nd Grade Team


Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Connuck, Ms. Orefice, Ms. Sauco, Mrs. Randazzo

Back Row (L to R) - Mr. Ceja, Mrs. Kolenovic, Ms. Badu, Ms. Aslam, Ms. Chowdhury, Mrs. Murphy, Mrs. Markovinovic

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2nd Grade Archives

 2nd Grade News - October 2017

Writing Workshop:

         In writing workshop, students will be working on informational writing. Students will gather and organize information on a topic. They will then use the information to writ e an informational piece organized using nonfiction text features.

Helpful Tips for Parents:

  • Encourage your child to reread his/her writing.
  • Ask your child if they checked for capitalization at the beginning of their sentences and ended in punctuation.


Social Studies:

         We will be studying NYC over time. We will also begin our Lenape study and learn about the Dutch settlers. We will be researching how they lived, what they ate, and what jobs they had.



Math Workshop:

     In math workshop, students will continue to work on telling time to the nearest half hour and solving single and multi-step word problems.

    We will be moving into our geometry unit.  We will be working on:

  • Describing and comparing 2D and 3 D shapes.
  • The structure of rectangles.
  • Identifying the attributes of shapes

     Please continue to encourage your child to practice their fact fluency within twenty for both addition and subtraction.


     Second graders will be starting a new unit of study in November called, Pebbles, Sand and Silt.  Students will observe how rocks are different by looking at various properties of rocks. Students will also sort rocks and observe rocks interacting with each other and with water. This unit provides experiences that heighten student’s awareness of rocks as earth materials and natural resources. 

     This would be a great time to start a rock collection at home! Help your child explore the different properties of rocks from your backyard.  



English as a New Language (ENL):

     Ms. Weinstein will continue to work with our English Language Learners to build their reading, writing, and language skills.



     Students are learning about the Northwest tribes, the Tlinglit and the Haida who make totem poles. They are creating their own totem poles telling their family history. Totem means "clan" and clan means Family. Northwest Haida tribes. They made totem poles.



     In November, we will be learning about qualities of music (how loud and at what speed we play instruments or sing songs).  We will also learn all the symbols and other indications that tell musicians exactly how loud and fast to play.


Physical Education


     In gym, we will be continuing our Coordination & Movement Activities and Fitnessgram:  Flexibility and Strength Testing.