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Front Row (L to R) - Mrs. KolenovicMrs. RandazzoMs. Sauco, Ms. Connuck, Ms. Orefice,

Back Row (L to R) - Ms. Saeed, Mrs. Markovinovic

Not shown - Mrs. Aslam

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Writing Workshop: 

     In writing we will be writing about reading.  Students will learn how to think about their books critically to form opinions about what they read.  They will learn how to develop arguments with claims and examples in their writing.

Helpful Tips for Parents:

  • Ask your child their opinion about a book, movie or TV show. They should use the word ‘because’ to explain their thinking.
  • Ask your child if they checked for capitalization at the beginning of their sentences and ended in punctuation.


Social Studies:

     Second grade will continue to focus on the physical, human, and cultural characteristics of New York over time.



Math Workshop:

     Mathematicians are practicing place value and using large numbers.  We will be working with ones, tens, and hundreds!  We are also getting started on learning pre-multiplication skills by looking at how we can group objects in equal groups.

Helpful Tips for Parents:

  • While you are going walking with your child, skip count together! Start at any number, and count by tens or hundreds (i.e. 236, 246, 256, 266… or 236, 336, 436, 536..). Try counting by going forwards and then backwards!
  • Count with your children all the way up to 1000.
  • Grab a handful of objects (cheerios, pennies, small toys, etc.) and explore how to break up the objects into even groups (i.e. 12 objects can make 3 groups of four AND 2 groups of 6 AND…)



     In Science, second graders are learning about motion.  Students will observe and compare variables that influence motion.  Students will also discover different ways to produce rotational motion.  Second graders will investigate how the amount and position of mass affects how the object rotates.  During our investigations, students will determine that the motion of an object can be changed by a force- pushing or pulling.