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2nd Grade News - October 2018

Writing Workshop: 

     In writing workshop, students will continue to work on writing Small Moments.   We are focusing on revising, editing and publishing.   Writers will revise their work with a red pen by adding more detail or fix their work to make sure it makes sense.   Editing is when you use a purple pen to look through your writing piece to correct spelling, punctuation and uppercase/lower case letters.  

Helpful Tips for Parents:

·  Encourage your child to reread his/her writing and revise/edit to make it sound like a story you would read in a book.


Social Studies:

     This month second graders will be continuing their learning of the physical characteristics of a community.  We will also begin our unit on New York long ago. 



Math Workshop:

      In math workshop, students will continue to work on telling time to the nearest half hour and solving single and multi-step word problems.

      We will be moving into our geometry unit.  We will be focusing on 2D and 3D geometry and the foundational ideas about fractions.  Students will learn about rectangular arrays and partition squares, rectangles, and circles into equal parts. 

Helpful Tips for Parents:

     At home, talk to your child about finding fair shares!  You can practice partitioning objects into equal shares.   Ask your child, “Let’s cut your sandwich into halves.  How many different ways can we cut your sandwich so we can have equal pieces?” 



     Second graders will be starting a new unit of study in November called, Pebbles, Sand and Silt.  Students will observe how rocks are different by looking at various properties of rocks. Students will also classify rocks and observe rocks interacting with each other and with water.  This unit provides experiences that heighten students awareness of rocks as earth materials and natural resources.  This would be a great time to start a rock collection at home! Help your child explore the different properties of rocks from your backyard!