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Front Row (Left to Right):  Ms. Saeed, Sra. Leon, Ms. Connuck, Ms. Sidman

Back Row (Left to Right): Mrs. Aslam, Ms. Orefice, Ms. Brooks, Ms. Harrilall    

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Math Workshop:

     We will focus on the place value of 2-digit numbers, and operating on those numbers within 100.  Students will come to see 100 as 10 tens and multiples of 100 as being made up of some number of hundreds.  They will solve a variety of types of story problems.  They will play games that involve combining amounts to get to 100 or $1.00.  They will work on fluency with addition and subtraction within 100, with a focus on using known facts and knowledge of the operation.  Students will also identify, read, and write numbers to 500, and add and subtract 10 in that range.

Helpful Tips for Parents:

  • While you are going walking with your child, count together! Try counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s.
  • Help your child learn to identify money. While you are at the store, take the coins from your pocket and have your child identify what each coin is worth.


     In January, 2nd graders will start a new unit of study: The Changes to Land Over Time. This unit focuses on the processes that change land over time. Students will develop and use models to demonstrate the effects of erosion and weathering on land.

Social Studies:

     This January we are going to continue our study of the Native Americans of the Eastern Woodlands.

 Eastern Woodlands wigwam 

English as a New Language (ENL-formerly known as ESL):

     We will be working with our English Language Learners to build their reading, writing, and language skills.


     Miss Becker is warming up our winter with a unit plan on saving and caring for Feral and stray cats in the area.  As a trap neuter return certified rescuer she is proud to introduce the students to this worthy cause through collaging habitats, designing and building shelters and placing them at Jamaica Bay Marsh.

     She is also teaching the importance of thinking about elements of art using Brain Pop, laminated samples, etc.  Students are watercoloring large snowmen. 



     Group Games!

     We will use a variety of team-building skills to refine and strengthen our gross motor skill abilities.

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