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Front Row (Left to Right):  Ms. Saeed, Sra. Leon, Ms. Connuck, Ms. Sidman

Back Row (Left to Right): Mrs. Aslam, Ms. Orefice, Ms. Brooks, Ms. Harrilall    

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2nd Grade News - Oct 2019 


Math Workshop:

     In math workshop, students will continue to work on identifying the different kinds of word problems. We will be practicing “ADD TO” and  “TAKE FROM” story problems.

    We will be moving into our geometry unit.  We will be working on:

  • Describing and comparing 2D and 3 D shapes.
  • The structure of rectangles.

     Please continue to encourage your child to practice their fact fluency within twenty for both addition and subtraction.



     In November, 2nd graders will finish the unit: Properties & Patterns of Water. They will develop and use models to show representations of landforms on Earth. This will form an understanding of life in different habitats.

Social Studies:

     This November second graders will start their learning of New York long ago.  We will start by studying the life and culture of the Native Americans that first settled here in New York.

English as a New Language (ENL-formerly known as ESL):

     Ms. Weinstein will be working with our English Language Learners to build their informational reading, writing, math and language skills.


Cool, brisk November heightens our senses.  Georgia O'Keefe wanted everyone to feel the beauty in our natural environment. 

We will zoom in on live flowers and do pastel renderings and watercolor paintings in her style



 Group Games!

 Students will work in small groups to complete quick tasks using a wide range of motor skills.

Important Dates





No school/Election Day


No school/Veterans Day


Scholastic Book Fair


1/2 Day; Parent Teacher Conferences; Scholastic Book Fair


PTA Movie Night

11/28 - 11/29

No School/Thanksgiving