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Writing Workshop: 

     In writing workshop, students will continue working on their nonfiction pieces.  Students will begin to add facts about their topics across several pages.  We will also continue to incorporate a variety of text features in a purposeful war.  Students will also be learning about different types of non-fiction writing, such as, Question and Answer books and How-to books!

     At home, please continue to encourage your child to read their nonfiction books and point out the text features and why the author may have included them.

Helpful Tips for Parents:

  • Have your children brainstorm topics that they know a great deal of information about.
  • Discuss the text features authors use and talk about why!
  • If there is a sight word in your child’s piece that they have learned, it should be spelled correctly.


Social Studies:

      In continuation of the art of Native Americans, students will learn about the design motifs found on blankets and pottery and use them for their own interpretation in a collage.



Math Workshop:

     We will focus on the place value of 2-digit numbers, and operating on those numbers within 100.  Students will come to see 100 as 10 tens and multiples of 100 as being made up of some number of hundreds.  They will solve a variety of types of story problems.  They will play games that involve combining amounts to get to 100 or $1.00.  They will work on fluency with addition and subtraction within 100, with a focus on using known facts and knowledge of the operation.  Students will also identify, read, and write numbers to 500, and add and subtract 10 in that range.

Helpful Tips for Parents:

  • Have students count the money in your wallet. Encourage them to not only add cents, but dollars as well.



      In Science, 2nd graders will be exploring places where earth materials are naturally found and ways that earth materials are used.  Students will learn how people use rocks as natural resources to construct objects and to make useful materials. They will be able to identify that earth materials are commonly used in the construction of buildings and streets. Students will also identify that the properties of different earth materials make each suitable for specific uses.