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    PS 230
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    PS 230

Photo Gallery

Our Teachers

PS 230 2nd Grade Team


Front Row (L to R) - Ms. Prescott, Mrs. Dreher, Ms. Macias, Ms. Montalvo, Ms. Lamonte, Mr. Scott

Back Row (L to R) - Mr. Kelley, Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. Kolenovic, Ms. Murphy, Ms. Pertes, Ms. Daniel

Not pictured - Ms. Aslam

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                                        2-201   Ms. Prescott,  Room 313

                                        2-202   Ms. Murphy,  Room 215

                                        2-203   Ms. Pertes,  Room 219

                                        2-204   Mr. Scott and Mrs. Dreher,  Room 319

                                        2-205   Mrs. Kolenovic and Mrs. Aslam,  Room 317

                                        2-205   Ms. Lamonte,  Room 315

                                  1/2/3 - 110   Mrs. Huffman,  Room 202


 What was 2nd Grade Learning Last Month?


2nd Grade News - February 2017

2nd Grade News - January 2017

2nd Grade News - December 2016

Writing Workshop:

     In writing workshop, students will work on writing poetry with strong feelings! They will be writing poetry about the world around us, using their hearts and minds to discuss people, places and things in unique and unusual ways. We will be writing creative poems using repetition and mood. We will also be looking at poetry with different structures and trying to apply those structures to our own poetry.


Helpful Tips for Parents:

     Please continue to support your child at home. We are recommending 35 minutes of reading every night.  After reading, please ask your child questions about their reading to track their comprehension. Please also discuss if they noticed any special language in their books.

Math Workshop:

    In math, we will be working on sorting and classifying data. Students will conduct surveys and display this information through pictographs, bar graphs, Venn diagrams, and line plots. Students will also interpret data after reading a graph. We will also continue to work on adding and subtracting triple digit numbers.


Helpful Tips for Parents:

     Please continue to practice addition and subtraction strategies with double and triple digit equations. Encourage your child to use the number line to add or subtract. They can then use partial sums to check their work!

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