2nd Grade

      Every month, you will receive a newsletter with important information about our curriculum.  We will also include suggestions for ways to support your child with their learning at home.

     Please be sure to look out for this newsletter in the beginning of every month.

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Book of the Month:   



     In reading workshop, your child will work on building good reading habits and learn strategies to figure out tricky words.  Some of the strategies we will review and teach include using picture cues, looking through the whole word, part-by-part, and looking for smaller words in a bigger word.   

     Some questions they may ask themselves when figuring out a tricky/unknown word are:

  • Does it make sense?
  • Does it sound right?
  • Does it look right?

     Please encourage your child to read the books in their reading baggie every night for 20 minutes!   Please ask your child questions about their books to further develop their comprehension skills.



Helpful Tips for Parents:

  • Encourage your child to reread their writing.
  • Ask your child if they checked for capitalization at the beginning of their sentences and ended in punctuation.



     2nd graders will be exploring the season of fall with nature themed projects.  They will also help create art for our upcoming school Hoedown!

     2nd graders are exploring beat and rhythm patterns.  We will be playing different rhythm patterns on rhythm instruments such as tambourines and drums.  We will be learning rhythm notation as well.  We will be introduced to the Carnegie Hall Musical Explorers program, which exposes children to different music from around the world.

Social Studies

     In social studies, we will learn what the government is, and asking "why do people need laws?"  The United States is founded on the principles of democracy, which are reflected in all types of communities.

     Communities have rules and regulations that affect how they function.  Citizens contribute to a community’s government through leadership and service.



     Students are doing various activities while performing various gross motor skills.


*Tip of the month:  Practice tying shoes with your child!


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